Disaster Intendant

Two days in a row to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Courting death, or worse. Survived. Somehow.

So a few comments that have mounted since last time.

Why do surgeon/specialist physicians do such a indiscriminately abysmal job of speaking to patients? I know they can’t all be Autistic. In fact, most of the folks with Autism I know do better than any of these medicalists. And the ones who don’t are not allowed to wander about. I started out struck by how these arrogant schmucks manage to talk down to everyone. Then I figured out they talk to non-medicalists like they talk to children. 

So I told the ferd his polhode was dragging. 

The Repulsians had another debate last night. It supported the idea that all of their candidates are disasters-in-motion. Of course they blamed this on the media. That seems to be how they deny their denial and incompetence; blaming it on the media. 

Not that the Democruds are much better. In the disaster waiting to happen azimuth, that is. 

I fear that this election is going to have the same effect as the one in 1860.