Evolution by OS

Freya’s Day. The air temperature is adequate. I sallied to the park and had a moderately good constitutional. Not knowing the wind before I emerge from Castellum SCP, I have to guess at its speed and cooling. And my endurance of heating/cooling is shallow so some care is necessary. Gad, I hate being senior at times!

Anyway, had to bundle up a bit once I hit the trail and then debundle in the closing centameters, but otherwise moerately comfortable aside from some cramps. 

What’s a centameter? Not in most textbooks. It’s a hundred meters. Complement to centimeter, which is a hundredth of a meter. 

Not much deep thought this morning. The local constabulary is having a pharmaceutical collection this morning and FD SCP kept me bustling last evening gathering up decaying pills and potions. I shall be run off to the collection locus later unless I am surprised and she actually dons street attire. So I had to plot that a bit.

But the bulk of the staggering – mental and physical – was spent considering an an article [Link] sent me by my colleague Magnetic Inductance Force. This article is an autobiographical account of a senior who adopted Linux. That’s not news. Lots of retired folks are shedding themselves of Winders and Fruit for FOSS. And lots of them write about it. What sets this one apart is the search for independence and self-reliance.

This fellow discovered he was spending as much on annual maintenance – using Winders – someone to clean and polish his install, as on a new box. Then his maintenance chap relocated and he decided to try Linux. Love story follows. Ho hum. But what makes this different is that the fellow recognized up front and embraced that he would have to do maintenance for himself. Evidently he is one of those classical Yankees, the Thoreau of Walden Pond/Daniel Boone type that recognizes a need, hunkers down and does it. 

Very Heinleinesque. Very ’50’s science fiction protagonist. The self-propagating individual.

Like I say this is surprising only in how the fellow writes about it. If you take up Linux successfully, not as a pseudo-Winders user, then you have to take on doing it. Yes, the Linux community is modestly friendly – not pushy in the main although there are a few foaming at the mouth evangelists – but the extent of the help is advice and book loaning. No one maintains another’s computer. At least not among “REAL” Linux users.

I am obviously not talking about the people Canonical is trying to sell Ubuntu to. Admittedly Ubuntu is the minimum effort, minimum engagement distro of Linux. Lots of Linux Quakers look down on that (which really defeats the Quaker part I think,) but it is a good place for people to learn if they have the “Right Stuff”. Whether they are cybernauts. And if they can’t handle doing the small ‘it’, then they can go back to MegaHard or Apple. And if they can, then they can move on when the adamantine confines of the ‘play pen’ chafe and bruise.

Moral of story: just because we all have to do the same things we don;t all think of them the same. Or talk about them the same. Diversity increases Entropy. As in accessible states. And until you have accessed all the states, you still have learning to do. 

Unlike the folks who use Winders.