More Sensation and Measurement

Ice Cream Day. And it feels that way outside. When I left Castellum SCP for the park my thermometer read 41 degF. When I returned it read 39 degF. I am probably not going to tell my cardiologist I violated his guidance. And it wasn’t intentional or overt or even covert. I don’t have control of the temperature. FD SCP does, at least inside Castellum SCP, when the warmerizer is functioning properly, but I am not supposed to touch the thermostat. Or, evidently, since yesterday, watch her touch the thermostat. Evidently some observer effect there?

I was cold in park but thanks to a brisk pace – I think; for me – I was actually warm by the time I finished. Except my face. I think about wearing a face mask but when I do I get the itches. Regardless of material. 

Speaking of temperature, does light have a temperature. I can calculate one easily enough from the wavelength and a couple of fudgy factors aka constants of Nature. But does it actually have a temperature. My conjecture right now is NO, but I haven’t thought that out. Not in fullness, that is. Part of the consideration is whether light is an ensemble unto itself or is it part of a greater ensemble? Clearly I can see stuff so the light is interacting with me, so it has to be part of the ensemble I am in so then I can ask if it is in equilibrium with me?

For that matter, am I in equilibrium? Clearly that seems to be NO. So do I have a temperature? 

It may be time to study stat mech again.

On which azimuth, I ran across an article [Link] that the El Nino (non-equilibrium) will make this winter particularly miserable. There are two aspects to this: First,

and second,

It’s hard to pick out Greater Metropolitan Arab on these maps. The state boundaries are there but pretty much contrasted out of observability. But I think we’re in the >33% band on temperature and on the edge of that band on precipitation. Which means a miserable winter.

Incidentally, cooler and warmer are perfectly good thermodynamic terms since they are comparatives. Cool and warm aren’t since they are sensations. Cool also has other meanings, often associated with leather biker jackets, I believe. Drier and wetter are similar except that we need to qualify that wet refers to amound of dihydrogen oxide and not the phenomenon of wetting. 

Anyway, we can loom forward to low temperatures and lots more snow and ice. And probably electric potential failures and all the pipe problems that entails. May be time to move to Venus?

On the positive side, I see [Link] that the Yankee government justicer system has ruled that Gooey’s copying of books is not a violation of copyright. This makes the book guild rather unhappy although I can’t quite see why. In most cases the book in question isn’t available for purchase so the service is not denying the greedy capitalist book oligarchs any pictures of discorporate euro-american politicians. And it is, much as I hate to say anything nice about Gooey, a public service. In fact, in some instances it improves the oligarch’s cash flow since some people do POD for a material copy of the out-of-print book.

It seems rather strange to live in an information age and have people demanding to control information unto denial of access. Is that the new treason? How should it be handled? How about being locked away in a sensory deprivation chamber until they relent? Or discorporate, whichever comes first.

Not that I can read any of those books when the electric potential difference is zero. But it is nice when society gets to strike back at the forces of evil.