Importance of Sensation as Opposed to Measurement

FD SCP consented to switching the thermostat from -deltaH to +deltaH! In celebration of the warmth, if not the agony and angst of acknowledged winter, I have a couple of cartoons to mumble:

First, [Link]

I have to admit to identifying with this. My reason is that I used to wear a sport/suit coat every day and carry a briefcase – a real one, not one of those boxes called an attache case – and I got used to having pockets for stuff. Now I don’t but I do wear a vest in the warm period. Haven’t found a cold period vest with enough or large enough pockets. And it does no good to wear a warm period vest underneath a cold period jacket. Can’t get to the pockets. Although that does give a wonderful reason to ignore phone calls/

Second, [Link]

I also have to admit to identifying with this as well. I have never cared much for giving any attention span to horoscopes. I have worked with several who do, mostly engineers who are bog and some clerical, but they had other, redeeming qualities. I did date a woman once who was a serf of horoscope but that interaction was joyously brief and more joyously ended. 

The warmerizer has run sufficiently long now that the aroma of toasted dust is dissipated, hopefully for a year’s duration.