Face Staring

Saturn’s day. Temperature barely in the 40’s degF. I went off to the park, relatively well bundled, and executed my constitutional with the feeling that I was staring into the death mask of park walking until the spring. By the time I finished I was rather chilled and achy.

And tomorrow is supposed to be lower in air temperature.

While we’re staring at death masks, I noted an article [Link] yesterday about some work at U Exeter that indicates that sitting for prolonged periods is no worse for one than standing for long periods. I invoke this quote:

“Our study overturns current thinking on the health risks of sitting and indicates that the problem lies in the absence of movement rather than the time spent sitting itself,”

so evidently the key to good health is fidgeting? I find these results compelling. They are congruent with my own observations and like most humans I am skeptical of findings that are orthogonal to my own. So it must be right.

And I am an Old Retired Flatulence who is still alive, as demonstrated by my monkey brain attitudes.

Next, a multinational research group has found that brain size isn’t the metric of smarts, it’s brain structure. So if we think differently from others does that indicate differences in brain structure? The World Wonders. I just try to avoid people whose thinking is different from mine. And, of course, those who think not. Of which there are many. Especially in Alibam.

And lastly, a remodeling at U Virginia has uncovered the remains of a chemistry laboratory designed by Thomas Jefferson – didn’t he design the whole campus? – in the Rotunda.[Link]

Two thoughts here. First, this rather reminds me of some of the chemistry labs I had courses in when I was in college. Says something about investments in chemistry labs? And second, who puts a chemistry lab in a rotunda? Makes enormous sense given their importance but usually rotundae (sp?) are consumed with the statues of dead politicians whose names get put on the buildings even though the politicians stole the money and have no relevance to the subject matter.

Of course if it helps me get a better education I am all for preying on the insecurity and vanity of politicians. After all, they prey upon us and turn about is fair play.