Talking Stick

Freya’s day. Lower Boundary of Week In. Why Lower? Because it’s depleted.

Off to the park for constitutional. Also lower bound, this time of pleasant. I was moderately chilled by the time I returned to Castellum SCP. Of course, the weather beavers are foretelling considerably lower temperatures the rest of Week Out (and into Week In.) Some forecasts are putting temperatures below the lower boundary that the medicalists say I may walk. Regardless, not eagerly anticipated. And not least the prospect of being cooped up and using the stationary bicycle.

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

yesterday and it stirred some thought. I find the whole cartoon bemusing, which is likely what the cartoonist intended. But I am intrigued by the idea that the only people who should be allowed to talk about science stuff are scientists. The first question is who validates them. There are lots of religionist terrorists wandering about claiming to be scientists. In this case the modified rule – if you have to tell me you’re a scientist, you aren’t – seems to hold. But the problem is that the boggerate, and much of geekdom, cannot recognize scientists from arcane. 

And is the cause served by only letting scientists talk about science? Doesn’t that negate all this mumblage about outreach? Not that I am a great fan of outreach, especially when it isn’t done by scientists. But I do think an alliance is necessary because almost all of the writings of scientists for outreach that I have seen is worse than nothing. Erroneous and misleading, at best. And the stuff that gets awards is mostly self-congratulation. It falls into the bin of “if there are no awards then there is no worthiness.” So the outreachists give each other awards rather like the schules pass out awards for breathing and not killing an educationalist. 

I know I dislike (pseudo) celebrity endorsement of most things. Nothing is more irritating – ethically – than some entertainer endorsing some nerd activity, or a social derivative of a nerd activity. And the masses immediately fall into proskynesis. Typical boggery adding to the overall degradation of civilization and the extinction of the species. I am also unfond of the delusional ranting of religionist terrorists. Not that I think the bishop of rome is a particularly nasty one but some of his predecessor have been. 

And as I don’t like deluders, false pundits who spread deliberate inaccuracy, I strongly dislike denialists whose only goal is to defer any consideration of (possibly/potentially) dire threats until after it is too late. But I do acknowledge that the species is forged of insecurity and will probably self destruct in an extinction event if head hiding or subrug sweeping. 

Meanwhile I did get to think about whether light has temperature while walking. Film at Eleven.