Schule Stercus

Thor’s day. Gym concluded for the week. Sparse population. No weight bouncers, nor educationalists with only outdoor voices. Which is enjoyable after the presence of two educationalist weight bouncers yesterday who were particularly arrogant, noisy, and nasty. I have to wonder if its balancing from being around students so much?

Survived the expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Which was chancy given the increased incidence of der schmucken drivers. And there was one fender (?) bender that I didn;t see but one of my colleagues, Normal Angular Momentum,related about a microcar trying to nestle under a cargo lorry. Not at all good for the progression of the innocent.

On which azimuth I note a survey [Link] on faculty attitudes towards technology. I was pleased and bemused by the results. First of all, the latter. Seems there is a growing divide between administrators and faculty about online courses. The administrators like the reduced overhead, demonstrating the corporate factory mentality that is destroying Amerikan higher education. The faculty have finally figured out the online courses are something between Hobbesian and a boondoggle.

Can we guess which will prevail? And that the decision will be on the side of further damaging education. More race to become a third world nation.

There is also considerable concern with student plagiarism which doesn’t surprise me. If anything it is now more democratic since it isn’t just limited to Greeks any more. It’s also amusing to me. I never did such mostly because I never needed to. Hunkering down and doing a bit of reading and library research and churning out a stilted pompous paper was a lot easier than finding someone else’s paper and rekeying it. In fact the keying – on an electric typewriter machine at that – was the worst part for me.

Makes you wonder if the kids who feel they have to plagiarize really belong in college, doesn’t it?

With college attendance reduced to obtaining a certificate, and actual education being irrelevant, I don;t quite see how we can consider plagiarism as anything other than canny.

Is baksheesh next? Might be even easier to bribe underpaid part-timers than to buy a used paper?

Lastly, everyone seems to be bitching about the cost of textbooks. And no one is doing anything about it, that I can see. All the faculty seem to be fully committed to this new edition every year so they can get their freebie (?) lecture notes and slides and syllabus. Whatever happened to Dover and doing your own lecture.

I feel like the last dinosaur. Good thing I’m not lecturing these days. Would probably get sacked for not penalizing the students enough.

Race for the bottom.