Place Holding

Thor’s day. Survived the expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill – helped and hurt by the schules being desessioned for fall holiday – and another week of gym. The good news – road wise – was that there were fewer motorcars out because people were not delivering their bairns to schule; the bad news was that those motorcar drivers are the responsible ones. So more than usual almost fatal encounters. And one of the seniors at gym this morning was trundled out in wheelchair, presumably on the way to Scant City Memorial admitting. Not sure the details and didn’t feel it kulturny to ask so I am unclued.

Also experimenting with less italicization. It’s a bit of a rectal pain, mostly fighting with the mouse and keyboard. Why can’t they build decent devices any more? Of course that’s not news. those of us who care have known that the usability of electronic devices has steadily deteriorated since the introduction of the HP-35. That was the pinnacle of usability, at least in my generation’s estimation. Well, not my generation’s bogs. They don’t know. Nor can they learn.

The fallout of the state legislature’s farcical budget continues. Last night it was the mental services instrumentality’s political appointee bitching about even funding. Someone got even funding? That was news. The complaints weren’t. Of course it would be more credible if it came from a civil servant and not an appointee. Appointees are usually politicians who are too inept to get elected. Or stay elected. People that even the Alibam bogs can see through. Which is hard to find. They think rain is a gift of the deity. And their legislator. 

Today portends to be warm again. I am of mixed mind. Like cooler weather. Don’t like being cold. Saturday morning is supposed to be such. That’s the fate of being a senior. Not comfortable now, or then.