Tab Hawgin’

OK. It’s Ice Cream day and that means time to do maintenance on tabs. So here’s a few that need attention.

First: [Link]

that re-raises the question of why do Barsoomian women have mammaries if they are egg-layers? (Oviparous?)  And no I have not seen the cinema mentioned largely because the probability a Mars movie will be crap is > Strugeon’s rule. Even the cinemization of Burroughs’ books was a semi-disaster/travesty – what’s with the skin dirt?, where is that discussed in Burroughs? – so the money is better spent on paper. Even blank.

Next: [Link]

is a paradigm of any sciencey discussion I try to have with FD SCP. Why is that? It certainly lends support to the idea that the only reason we are kept around is to help raise the children. But if that is so then there must be some value to our insanity?

And lastly, {Link]

this reminds me of how mothers discover that their hitherto “normal” (???) child is an early riser. Yje only one in the family, prompting questions of where does the behavior come from. And the horrible thought that religion may have to be compromised to actually consider genetics.