OK. Really is Saturn Day today. Week out. Senior delusions? 

Anyway, fair walk in park this morning. May be high ’50’s degF but too low temperature for my Alibam summer adapted system. Gonna have to up coat tomorrow morning. But I did remember ear coverings. So all my face BUT my ears was shivering. Horrible when you are senior and cheeks shiver. Slobbering accompanies. 

According to the Atlanta wonks over at the Jawgah Institut for Technowhow, Mars has running water. [Link]

This is indicated by the streaks. Pray don;t tell FD SCP. She can’t stand water streaks. Some sort of childish shock? Anyway, when we get water streaks in basins and such she goes on a cleaning binge. All I can do to keep her from scouring my wrinkles.

On a similar note, some corporation without credentials has released a study that indicates changing to driver-less motorcars will reduce traffic fatalities by an order-of-magnitude. This strikes me as one of those obvious things. If we take the steering wheel and accelerator pedal away from Der Schmucken then the number of wrecks and collisions will go WAY DOWN. There’s only one problem. Those folks will do anything to keep control of their motorcars. So you may have to discorporate them to get them to comply. In which case we obtain no benefit from driver-less motorcars since all the accidents (and a lot of the overcrowding) is relieved.

Makes you wonder who is paying for the study, doesn’t it?