Political Masque

This is a redo. Scribefire ate the original. Bad Client!

Survived the gallop to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill despite Der Schmucken being dense. Many opportunities for death due to irresponsible driving on the part of others. Makes me yearn for a Saracne Armoured Car with a Rarden auto-cannon and a full load of incendiary rounds. Sad part is that the rotters have likely already rutted and the gene pool is worsened regardless. Amazing that humans can be 100% Junk DNA.

But this caused me to contemplate the POTUS candidate circus and come up with some tag lines:

  • HC: “I am a lawyer-politician-celebrity and too arrogant to learn, or obey, the National Security Laws”;
  • BS: “Stercus Tauri, that’s me”;
  • JB: “Schrodinger’s Cat”;
  • DT: “Let’s Burn Everything. Except my Weatth. But definitely all of your stuff”;
  • BC: “I can cut meat but I can’t learn Science”;
  • CF: “I am the Destroyer of Corporations. Now I want to be the Destroyer of Countries. Including this one!”;
  • MH: “Bring back the Protestant Inquisition”; 
  • JB: “I am the idiot child. It’s my turn to be Emperor”; and

The Rest (and above): “We will continue to distract you with crap because we can’t do anything constructive”

In complementary news, the Congress of the United States has been renamed the “Fool Farm of the United States.”

Selah. Back to reality?