Once More?

“Once more into the breach, dear friends.” Week in. Fall creeps in. Even had dihydrogen oxide falling as I drove back from gym. Sparse. Not many weight bouncers nor educationalists broadcasting their arrogance and bullyness. Podcast a bit disappointing – an interview with some fellow who wrote a popular physics book about neutrinos. Still not sure this is a useful activity for real physicist.  Of course an academic so not actually real?

I did reflect on how the bogs hate the sky. They avoid it. Light pollution in Greater Metropolitan Arab is horrible. But it was the sky cover that messed up my looking last evening. 100% as the meteorology chaps say. What is it with bogs and percentages? Yo say nothing of the ambiguities in how they talk about probability. 

As of now no great thoughts to share. All I have been mental mumbling have to do with book I am trying to write. Film at Eleven?