Road Bumps

A bit belated. A bit of chaotic behavior in park. Didn’t interrupt constitutional but did divide my attention span to the nonsense.Not much uumph today, I fear. So only nasty comments.

First, an article [Link] about proton decay. No, not a reporting, per se. Just a thinkum piece. Too much nasty unproven theory and not enough actual data. Waiting is. For data and sanity.

Next, and article [Link] about actual numbers. eBooks are down, pBooks are up. I feel somewhat validated in my senior (senile?) intransigence. I still have eBooks but I only access then when mass (weight actually) is a factor.

And lastly, an article [Link] about how people are keeping their electronics longer. Not just seniors. Edselism? Retread? Maybe. I hate weekends. For some reason the mind goes frizzy.

Gotta go think about functional inversion a bit.