Food Subjugation

Since we have begun on the evils of organization, we may as well continue with another great evil. No, not the pornography that is spectator sports, but chain restaurants.

When I was in high schule chain restaurants were fairly new. I recall a Hardee’s being built between my home and high schule, and I would stop there when I had the coins to buy a Hardee Huskee. I greatly enjoyed this monstrosity to the exclusion of all others. And then the chain discontinued it.

When I got to college I found the strange situation where the food served in the university’s cafeteria system was resoundingly better than that served by the town’s chain restaurants, of which it had many.

After Hardees I adopted Burger Chef. There was something about sauce tartare (or at least their poor imitation) on an inpalatable ground cow pattie. And then they went away.

When my daughter was growing up, at least until she was old enough to drive a car, if we ate out as a family it had to be at McDougal’s. Happy meal. Haven’t eaten there  since. Avoid any social activity that might stop there such as tours. Or pornographic spectator sports activities.

And now [Link] I have a rational reason:

Sorta reminds you of death, doesn’t it?

I eat at home a lot.