Muntgum Fascism

Mundane day. Back to week in. Already difficult. The gym was happily sparse but the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealt with the end of copyright of “Mein Kampf” and the nastiness that portends.


Has anyone looked at the Repulsian filed of candidates for POTUS? If any of them are not little Hitlers I cannot discern such. Their rhetoric is more about who are their chosen enemies of the nation rather than any advocacy of a positive nature.

Take the latest from the African American solitary in the herd. Apparently he thinks that Black lives matter but not Muslim lives. What about Black Muslim lives? Are they ambiguous? Or irrelevant? 

And they all seem to think that Parent lives are irrelevant. Or negative? And advocate great hordes of children in poverty and depravity.

On which note, I see the Alibam Council of Thieves has enacted a budget designed to provide port funding aplenty for their corporate masters and deprivation and pain for the citizenry. Who do these legislators represent? Not us, that seems certain.