Sleeves and Systems

Week out. Saturn’s day. Mixing Greeks and Norse? Feta Danish? Herring Pizza? Or is that Italian? Anyway, chilly constitutional this morning in park. Frawg again. Bracing and I managed to get through before becoming chilled to tremor. But not very conducive to cogitation, I fear.

On which subject a couple of cartoons. First, [Link]

which addresses my habit of lecturing with one sleeve – the right – rolled up above the elbow. This dates back to the days when I wore a suit every day and a dress shirt with tie. I acquired the habit from one of my professors, John David Jackson, who lectured this way. It made eminent sense to avoid getting chalk all over one’s suit by transfer. I was fortunate to have Jackson as lecturer for non-linear mechanics which served to launch me, at least partly, on a career in dissipative physics. Being an INTRO it’s about the only form of dissipation I can enjoy.

Of course this was back in the days when there were still chalk boards. That is mostly gone and is one of the primary reasons I don’t care to lecture.

The second cartoon: [Link]

rather puts me in mind that the cartoonist is a benighted Winders serf. If he would switch to Linux this would not have been needed, which would have been a mitzvah since it isn’t particularly funny. Just sad.

I have no great expectations of the day. I suppose that is evident.