Fecal Friday

Pleasant morning. Almost. Just a bit too chilly in the park. A bit too much cooling even with my hoodie. And fawg. Patchy and mostly nuisance. And a bit confusing when I got off in thought and suddenly thought I was stepping in something. Fawg.

But I have noted several bits of stercus this week. There was, of course, the matter of that young student and his clock. What does one expect in the old Confederacy? Tolerance? Understanding? No to both. Harassment? Torture? Yes, to both. And I see the Alibam council of thieves has passed a budget. It’s inadequate and compromising and overall just wrong in terms of providing needful services but it has the merit of being unpopular with everyone.

On a more current basic, I noted an article [Link] entitled “In praise of computer science expansion, professor at University of Alabama says discipline as important to teach as dissecting a frog” which demonstrates how fecal it is from the get go. First of all, dissecting frawgs is NOT a discipline. It’s an exercise in high schule biology. And, as I have said before, if you have to tell me it’s a science, it isn’t! Which includes political science and computer science. If you want to call it politics or political theory or information technology I have no problem, but NEITHER are science. And having some academic perpetrator of this nonsense say we have to teach it in sub-college is irksome if not just wrong. They already teach this crap.

I had the occasion last weekend to attend part (a very small, almost not social part) of my high schule Lth reunion. That small part was a tour of the “new” high schule building. The crowd was small and only a few recognized me. Thankfully. The brick and mortar were quite depressing. I kept thinking concentration camp and glancing in door windows to see if I could spy gas champers or cremation ovens. The tour leader was not too bad except when discussing the deterioration of the quality of students (universal in the Yankee republic!) and the rules imposed on the students. Makes “1984” sound cheerful and pleasant. But when she talked about how the students were getting past the oppression it was enjoyable. Just not enough.

Anyway, they teach computer science in the high schule. The entire curriculum is how to use MegaHard Office. Bog Information Technology. They also teach something called “Consumer Science” which frightened me so much I didn’t ask. So if this shlepper thinks he can make things better with “computer science” what damage can it do?

The other thing I noticed [Link] is putting in a “dislike” button. Finally. Not sure why. The article isn’t very forthcoming or engendering of trust. In other words, typical contemporary journalism. I’m a bit surprised. They’ve always resisted in past. The reason is human nature. If you tell someone you don’t like something they’ve done, a few will take it as constructive criticism but most, more than 0.9, with either get violent (the nasty people) or run away (the pathetic ones) and neither of the latter contribute to money generation for FaceScroll. Maybe it’ll make it better. Running off the nastys and the pathetics sounds good but may be disappointing in the long run.

Selah. Time to move my bowels.