Modern Fables

Ahmed and his clock: ample demonstration that the schules of Amerika are populated by educationalists who are not only incompetent but fundamentally ignorant. What’s next, arrest every kid who brings a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch? It’s gotta be a bomb, or at least a chemical warfare attack.

Now I know why they don’t teach anything worthwhile in schule today; the “teachers” don’t know anything worthwhile. Great knowledge of how to teach (maybe,) but utterly void of anything to teach. Other than crib copies of the standardized tests.

While we’re on the azimuth of national stupidity, the Repulsian debates last night added more validity to the hypothesis that there is no one running for POTUS who can do the job.

And on a local level, the water board of Greater Metropolitan Arab, a board of POLITICAL APPOINTEES!, unilaterally and without consultation with technical competents, decided to cease fluoridating Arab’s water. Sorry kids, these evil politicians want you to have cavities and  painful treatment so you’ll learn to brush your teeth. And they were put up to this stupidity by the Yankee government. More POLITICAL APPOINTEES. Now I understand why Rome fell and the barbarians triumphed.

This is all so depressing that I have got to go hide.