State Budget Drama

The most farcical thing about the Alibam state budget soap opera is the political fairy tale that the state educates its children.

This has always been a farce, at best. In my day the only education imparted was by teachers who lacked certification, and this was transitory. Either they became certified and quit educating or they did not and were expelled by the guild. Now that all teachers are certified, the schules are nothing more than day care centers and welfare programs for incompetent educationalists. Those teachers who do try to teach anything other than to the standardized tests are harassed, disciplined, and discharged. 

The problem is that the populace recognize this and seem to begrudge the ever increasing cost of baby sitting. Sadly the elected thieves find themselves unable to fix what cannot be fixed and instead dispose of all successful and necessary government programs in the guise of avoiding unfair taxation. Fair, of course, is the operant term since it means something different to every person but is spoken of as some form of shared epiphany. What is shared, at least among the elected, is pork programs for their lords and masters, not any loyalty to the electorate.