Self-Inflicted Wound

Two day. Air temperature a bit higher but its speed also, so cooling actually greater. Sparse at gym. Still managed to mangle myself on the cycling machine. Whacked my hand. Nasty bruise rising.

Science podcast day. Good news is the Guardian Science podcast is back. Their interminable holiday evidently over for another tear. Bad news is that non-state actors in mideast are destroying cultural sites, looting for artifacts to sale and destroying the actual sites if they are religion associated. Seems muslim terrorist are insecure and cannot abide even ancient competition.

This raises a question however,

Is any religion not terrorist?

Evangelism clearly is. Roman Catholicism has been but I am not sure these days. Protestant Christianists clearly are; evangelism is the worst form of terrorism. Muslim fanatics are; beheadings are almost as bad a evangelism. And Muslim have a long history of severe evangelism ranging from pay extra taxes or convert to convert or die. (The beheadings are better than preaching because once you’re dead the torture is over.)

I can’t speak to other religions. Except Seventh Day Adventism and Mormonism. Both are terrorist. Not sure about Buddhist, or Shintoism, or any others. Judiasm is the best case for not being terrorist, at least with outsiders. In fact, Judaism is exclusionary; you have to beg to be a second class member. But they do practice terrorism on their own. 

So the available, admittedly incomplete, information indicates a qualified YES to the question.

So when does the Kentucky clerk-terrorist leave for Cuba?