Tidal Bore

Into the week! Already a goat copulation festival! Sometimes I miss not having Dire Wolves.

While at gym I listened to a “BEst of Ideas” podcast episode about the centennial memorialization of the Great War. Much of this was news to me even though the podcast was a repeat from a year past. And the memorialization continues for three more years. Great notice was made of efforts to put the names of the honored discorporate in front of people in both public and internet places. 

Nothing. Haven’t seen any of this. Nor heard till now. Is anyone sure the Yankee republic is participating. Is Greater Metropolitan Arab? Probably not, at least the latter. Not sure what GMA memorializes but it’s mostly about people who might come to live here.

Anyway, my attention strayed to the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver where the network media were mumbling about the Hobbesian environment of wanna-be POTUS candidates. And it struck me what they weren’t saying.

All of the rhetoric was partisan. Republicans this, Democrats that. But what the media is evidently studiously avoiding is that those folks may not be really critical. In all liklihood, this election will be determined by those unaffiliated with either party. Last I saw over half of the electorate declined party connection.

So the election is in the wind. The only thing that the parties can do is offer a candidate, and one of them will likely be POTUS because the unaffiliated are not anywhere near unified enough to elect a non-party candidate. But which it is will not be determined, in all liklihood, by the party faithful. 

Which bring us to the present state in the country. We might call it Democracy by Alienation. The majority of folks I talk to – including myself – will be making their selection of voting based on exclusion. If a candidate is for something I am against, or not for something I am for, then I will not give them my vote. And that my is pretty close to MY. 

This leads to some multi-dimensional Venn maps. Party/candidate platforms versus individuals’ alienations. Right now the Republicans seem to be losing much faster than the Democrats. At least among those I talk with. It seems to be because of widespread alienations. The Republicans have alienated all the women except the Religionist Terrorists and all the majority concerned about climate threat. But the Democrats are not far behind. 

I keep thinking about what society looks like in an environment where the existing oligarchy is being dis-empowered. Not sure that is what is happening but it may be. Or it may just be a case of a ridiculously low voter turn out.