Constructive Social Disrespect

Lovely morning so far. High forties as for air temperature. Not a bad constitutional. A bit chilling but by second lap that was a minor annoyance. Still I am reminded of Alibam climate – bring it on denialists –  that we seem to go from too hot to too cold with no pleasant in between. So in a month or so days when I can take constitutional will begin to drop away and I will have to shift over to winter mode. Which is much less satisfying.

Speaking of satisfying, I noted [Link] that asserts that marijuana use among college students is at its highest in 30 years – 0.06 of population. QuicK! Flee to the bunkers, Civilization is decomposing as we speak.

College students have been smoking MJ for a lot of years. I recall that it was used as a menstrual analgesic back in the middle of the last century and was used by the tyrant of England. So it’s not new, or really any signal of depraved deconstruction.

Having said that I fairly well managed to avoid MJ until I got out of college. Yes, there were folks who used it in my undergraduate days but they were artsy-farts and nerds stayed away from such to avoid conflict. This is probably why I still view arty stuff as fake and artificial to this day.The hippie movement may have been wonderful but its art side was the purest of Stercus. And our drug of choice was ethanol. We were, after all, attending an elephantine schule.

In graduate schule I had zero time and attention span for MJ and pretty much for ethanol as well. Other than enforced social activities that mandated its consumption. That’s when I developed a taste for beer. Beer, I am convinced, is the fuel of physics. I have heard it said that wine is the fuel of economics which explains much about that fakeness.

I didn’t really run into MJ until I was out of schule and relearning society. This was just after the Vietnam goat copulation and lots of folks wanted to get away from their memories. I have to admit that I never sampled the stuff. My head was about the only fun that I had, at least on a regular basis.And it’s still that way.

But that college students are doing MJ is not big thing. College students are supposed to experiment and take – hopefully studied – chances. That’s part of getting an education. So  MJ use is actually an encouragement that there may still be a nugget of worth in factory academia after all.

Next, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Most Millennials Resist the ‘Millennial’ Label” which I found sort of amusing. I prefer a consistent taxonomy myself so GEN Y is good for me and I don’t really care what they think about it except when I have to deal with them. That doesn’t mean I want to be abusive but there are a lot of words I don’t like and I still have to use them.

Not that I like the label my generation has either. The folks who come up with these names are not very competent and the whole thing is rather whacked. First of all, the bounding is highly arbitrary, and POORly tested! But it does have a bit of utility so long as we don’t overuse it to the point of losing sight of individual characteristics. When you do that you have become a government and need to be put out of misery with as little ceremony as possible.

Along which lines I suppose I do like one thing about the designation “Boomer”: I like to make boom.