Redneck Tartarus

Into the week out. Rain overnight but only puddles this morning. Lower air temperature but the absence of appreciable air speed made standing or exercising moderately uncomfortable. Off to park for constitutional where the medieval nonsense of the community fair was already in evidence in all manner of kitsch booths. Happily they were only a visual nuisance – pain actually – as the park was absent of any other sentients. Or bogs, for that matter. 

It is still unclear that bogs, as a group, are sentient. Certainly many of them are not, but there may be a few and that scantness compromises the characterization.

This put me in mind of an article [Link] I ran across last week entitled “In redneck heaven, internet outages are the American Way”. I cannot resist including their article photograph

because it describes so much of the old Confederacy including Alibam.

The article is about IT guys tracing an internet outage in Texas (?) where it turn out some bog GOB (Good Ole Boy,) which is redundant, sorta, mostly, fired his shotgun into a fiber optic cable. This demonstrates either the boredom level of the region or its inebriation level, and possibly both. 

Evidently this is news in England. Here it is a story older than the Second American revolution. The Sowth – the Old Confederacy – has always been a slipshod cesspool of human society. Only those most adept at preying on their fellows have ever advanced themselves, at least since the stupidity of that second revolution. And almost certainly before.

Nowadays, the Sowth is the blue collar ghetto of the nation. All the exploitative corporation with nothing but dead end jobs are moving or have moved here. Half the business in the region is cash only so it is invisible to taxation. Politicians are dedicated to avoiding any taxation even when it means shutting off all necessary services. If we were on the moon you would have to go without oxygen.

In many ways the Sowth is like Soviet era Russia. One party, at least in practice. Yes, there are Democrats but they are indistinguishable from their Fascist Republican counterparts. All seem dedicated to preying on their fellow via elected office while placating those who think government is an evil conspiracy. That sentiment predates the actual settling of the Sowth. The first settlers were refugees from English (and German) oppression and tyranny.  And they brought it with them. I never cease to be amazed that Jefferson existed. He certainly doesn’t fit with the centuries old totalitarian tyranny of the Sowth. 

Infrastructure in the Sowth is nonexistent. Lots of road work is done, all of it in the shoddiest manner possible for the maximum profit of politician’s masters. Most communities have one or no choices of internet service. Cell phone coverage is like cheap Swiss cheese. And most town governments, Greater Metropolitan Arab included, are more interested in circuses than electricity. Garbage collection and utilities here are medieval but ritual sacrifices of virgins are first rate. You can’t get a driver’s license because the state doesn’t want to spend money on license offices and besides, that’s more fines for driving without a license. Catch 22 – classic! 

Why do I live in this incompetent Hell Hole? Maybe because it makes me look so good?