Back to week in end. Unenthused. Not sure how much is weather. So I will refrain from commenting much on current events since they are so horrible. Especially the religionist terrorism. Between ISIS and Kentucky clerks there is not much be evil evident in the religionist arena. And politics is just as bad. Maybe worse.

I ran across some cartoons this week so I am going to maunder a bit over them in between bouts of dizziness and nausea. First, [Link]

I am reminded of a demonstration put on by Hewlett Packard back when they really did stuff, back before a succession of incompetent management, maximized by Ms. Fiorina who now wants to ruin the nation, ruined the company. The occasion was the roll-out of a new calculator. That indicates how long ago this was since calculators were important things in those days. More important than cell phones are today since calculators actually do constructive things in the hands of knowledgeable people.

Such people are, of course, unimportant today in our headlong rush to extinction. Stupidity to the Grave!

Anyway, part of the demonstration was when the representative of HP took one of their competitor’s flagship calculators and threw it against a cinder block wall. And then picked up the pieces. Then he took the HP calculator and threw it against the wall, and again, and again, six times. And then passed it around the room for us to try.

Don’t try this with today’s HP calculators. They are as flimsy and poorly designed and ineptly manufactured as the now dominant competitors.

Seems like a metaphor of the nation. Incompetent management destroyed the company; incompetent management (politicians) destroying the country.

The second cartoon {link] is

and it also illustrates how ruined the country is. Here’s a guy who write code for a living and he has never written his own language. What? I did that when I was a junior in college. And I only worked as a code writer (dedicated sorta) for two years before I got a real job. Maybe that’s the problem. Too many people doing blue collar computer work.

Anyway, we were all pretty dissatisfied with IBM FORTRAN in those days so several of us decided in spring term to write our own compilers. This was, of course, pre-GUI, back when we did real work on computers and not arranging check boxes on a formulaic screen. The ideal was something that did formula manipulation ala symbolic algebra engines today but I was mostly concerned with something that worked better with integrals and differential equations.

Of course I had to give all that up when I went to graduate schule. No time for frivolity then.

The third cartoon [Link] is

about how I have been feeling lately. Mostly mentally but also physically. As if someone cranked up the value of g. And added a non-inertial component a lot bigger than usual. Like a ten second day or some such. But it’s also my view of the nature of things these days. Too much seriousness because they are SO bad.

Selah. Off to listen to echoes in the entropy cellar.