Alien Truth

Saturn’s day. Off to park for constitutional. Moderately enjoyable – slight breeze to abate the muggishness. Managed to walk off the path and fall a bit – thinking too much about weak delta functions and not about where I was. Good sign that I can still think. Some times it doesn;t feel that way.

I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Are Science And Truth At Odds?” on a Yankee government (unsupported due to Council of Thieves’ greed) national wrieless (NPR) web site. This article is written by a purported physicist – I don’t know the fellow but since there are o(3E5) physicists in the Yankee republic that isn’t surprising – and it rather disturbs me that a physicist could mumble such rot. I hope that this is a case of “dumbing down” as outreach to bogs and not an actual world view.

Simply put science and truth are orthogonal. If that constitutes “Odds” then so be it. Truth is a religionist thing, misappropriated and misused by the legal instrumentality for its own purposes, fundamentally revealed not obtained. Science is about understanding (and engineering is about doing, anticipating the next question.) 

Truth is stationary; science is not. The biggest thing the two have is common is the limitations of the human mind/brain. Truth is filtered through what humans can learn. Science is conditioned on human thought. Truth is passive in that it may not be found, only delivered. Science is never delivered, only found. 

So yes, they are different.