Pleasant Diversioon

Yesterday I ran across a couple of intriguing cartoons. First, [Link]

I recall that I always hated back-to-schule shopping as a child. My mother would drag me to various stores to try and clothes I did not like around all sorts of strange people. Introverts do not do this well. And then I would get drug to the hardware store where they sold schule books in Huntsville. Stand on queue for an interminable period in horrid heat and horror over the sordid press of jostling people, tired adults and frightened or evil children, to finally reach the counter and beg an exhausted clerk to fetch books, pay an exorbitant price – according to my parents – and escape to the relative cool of August heat on the sidewalk. 

College was much better. You suffered through the press of other students getting class cards pulled, somehow vaguely satisfying compared to the Greeks and Jocks and such who were desperately seeking the easiest instructors and the least effort courses, somehow self-satisfied that you were taking courses that these elite scum would never take, crossing paths with them only in required courses that were almost entirely irrelevant and immaterial to your charted course of study but imposed by vestiges of medieval academia. Then off to the book store to tunnel past the squirming masses of Greeks and Jocks and such fighting over the textbooks for their crip courses to the relative emptiness of the nerd course texts. Somehow the bill for those was less than their bill, a fitting punishment it seemed for their greed and entitlement. Of course there were the added costs of labs and such but they were not penalties, just opportunities.

The second is: [Link]

and the thought was how refreshing it was that nerd can be associated with superhero. Not that I want to be one. The responsibility is too high, the angst too large, and the fun too low. Better to be a real nerd who gets to do and understand stuff that the Jocks and Greeks never will, nor, in many instances, never think about. Being sentient among pond scum can be its own reward.