Vote Denied

With all the grrrr brrrr of the upcoming POTUS elections, I have been compiling a list of not-voting-for criteria. This is incomplete but presented here as a work-in-progress.

I will NOT vote for any political candidate who has:

  • Demonstrated persistent disregard/damage of the national security and/or health;
  • Demonstrated persistent management incompetence;
  • Demonstrated advocacy of enslavement and/or curtailment of freedom of choice; and
  • Demonstrated poor stewardship of government and state.

The latter includes curtailment of necessary/needful services under the guise of economy. 

As of now this short list has eliminated almost all of the announced candidates, and given the oligarchy of the two political parties there is a significant probability that there will be no candidate that I will choose to vote for. As a result I am initiating planning to relocate my residence to Canadia.