Phones and Cos-play

Ice Cream day. End of week. Dihydrogen oxide falleth. Walked in park anyway. Refreshing. Gave me the oomph to return home and do stuff. 

Noted this cartoon: [Link]

which struck me first with the misuse of the word “dumb” which means “Destitute of the power of speech; unable; to utter articulate sounds; as, the dumb brutes.” [1913 Webster] A common misuse is to equate silent with stupid. So why do I tend to associate talkative with stupid? Possibly because that is more accurate?

Which brings us to “smart phones”, which most assuredly are not. They are neither intelligent nor sentient, at least in the consciousness aspect. Yes they do sense an environment but they do not have anything but programmed ability to respond to that environment. But I have noticed that the most persistent users of such phones are people who appear to lack intelligence. Neuronegs, as some refer, which is a term I dislike but have to grudgingly admit has considerable validity. Not quite a synonym for bogs; bogs don’t use their intelligence, if they have such, which most do but appear not to. 

Anyway, I am of the conjecture that I should like a not-smart phone, clearly not a dumb one or I should be unable to hold converse with people I call, or who call me, but one that does not waste my time doing things I do not want it to do. I suspect my desire is irrelevant and orthogonal to social reality.

The second cartoon: [Link]

which struck me as a further dichotomy of geeks/nerds – those who hide behind (e.g.,) bike racks and those who do not. I suspect we all want to dress up in costume – without ridicule, of course. I am unsure of bogs in this matter but I suspect it is not so much a lack of desire as an aversion to social critique. Bogs tend to be unable to handle being laughed at. They tend to get violent or psychotic under such attention. But are those two the same?

Geeks, and to a lesser extent, nerds, are more open about such amusement. They raise costuming to a high level. Notice the increase in “cos-play” in recent decades. Of course, since they do such, they are expected to do so and the quantity of derision and laughter is much abated. Or is that the Bogs being envious of the greater honesty and chutzpah of geeks and nerds. Sadly such envy will probably result in more bog violence.