Hat Day

Thor’s day. Survived the gallop to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Sat with colleagues and discussed matters mundane and real. Procured foodstuffs. Then off to gym this morning. Passable but partly because last gym day of the week.

Ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and was rather taken with it. I particularly liked the “distancing” declaration. As I get older I have more desire to distance myself from the bogs and schmucks but less inclination to incur their mumblage over my appearance. I know I should not care but the mumblage is a form of friction and sometimes stealth is safest. Especially among religionists (like christianists) who will happily discorporate someone to avoid having to think about their beliefs. (Their in this instance refers to the religionists, not the discorporated one. Point of Clarification.)

I suspect all kids have a superhero cape. When I was a bairn I used an old, ragged towel. Never the same one twice. And since my idea of superhero was first the batman and then Adam Strange, the whole cape thing was soon discarded. I never had a Viking helmet. The closest I have is a tam in sorta my tartan knitted by my physical chemistry laboratory partner Displacement Current Mass. As with every kid who grew up in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, I had a space helmet but it was so hot, damp, and vision blocking that I seldom wore it for any period of time. 

I have had lots of hats over the years, mostly tweedy things that were rather bashed in appearance from being folded and crammed into pocket whether they were supposed to or not. As with many things, hats were better in the old days. And caps were only worn when playing baseball or softball. Never in public. Even by farmers. I detect caps. They are abominations. At least the ones worn by bogs today.