Amerikan Failure

Lower temperature of air this morning. Gym sparsely populated. Podcast, and episode of “Big Think” was mediocre, which is a substantial improvement over the past two weeks.

Not the subject but put me in mind of our education system. I am now of the hypothesis that it is a failure. At least the public schule system in Amerika. The situation is that less and less is taught to fewer and fewer.

The basic idea of public education is simple and, on the exterior, good. Provide an affordable environment where the young of the nation are taught what they need to survive and participate in society. The promise of success is intellectually and observationally fallacious. Success cannot be guaranteed. The appearance of success can be guaranteed with money, at least in a capitalist environment.

There has always been disagreement of what needs be taught in public schule. Even reading and writing and maths are debatable. And are. Sturgeon’t rule of parents are antagonistic to any literate level of maths, even algebra, which I consider preliterate. And writing is is dis-fashion these days. Which explain the ignorance and failure of students’ composition.

In fact ignorance and failure are the general characterization of the students. The only things they are required to learn is what is on the standardized tests, which determine funding of schules and faculty. Much, not all, of the faculty are careerists solely. Those who decline to learn are rewarded with promotion on social justice grounds quite ignoring its effect on mind programming of the entire student population. There is no incentive nor freedom for students to learn anything. Except the standardized tests. 

The grades on these tests are falsehoods, indicative of wrongful measure. Graduating students with high marks cannot do college work nor once out of college, do real work. 

It is not that idealism and a sense of right are absent from the educationalist system, just sorely depleted and suppressed. The apparent problem is over-regulation, the result of several centuries of natural progression. If a rule is good, a hundred are better. And an asentient population is more complaint than a rational one. Nebbishism is encouraged both actively and passively.

Can it be changed? Not without disaster, I fear. So we may as well write off the nation if not civilization and the species as a whole.