Days Past Remembered

Back to Mundane day. Passable at gym. Sparse population. Few educationalists or weight bouncers. Podcast was passable, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” on the evils of the processed foods industry. Firing parties needed for the executives. 

Down side was getting tailgated by some schmuck who illuminated his long distance beams continually. Out me in mind of adolescents whose parents should have frequented Planned Parenthood. And the need for parent certification prior to insemination. As a prerequisite. 

Which put me in mind of the time of year. Schule initiation. The public baby sitting service of Greater Metropolitan Arab commenced a week or so ago and several colleges, including the Campus of the Tennessee have commenced fall term. And I made the rounds of several office and schule supply stores to stock up on paper goods only available this time of year. But the media is overwhelming with all sorts of nonsense. I noted this cartoon: [Link]

yesterday and compared it to my freshman days. For one thing, there was a lot more variation in noses.

As I recall I had to go to campus (Black Warrior) for a 2.5 day “orientation” during the summer. Of this I recall almost nothing except being overwhelmed. And then about this time of year down to move into the actual dorm I would reside in. Registration was a bit painful, mostly because of having to deal with an adviser who kept telling me what not to do but was unforthcoming of what to do. The actual exercise of jostling in a gymnasium for IBM 5081 cards for each course was novel and easy if one divorced oneself from any social entanglement. See! Physics even then.

I was fortunate to have a junior (class) roommate who was arrogant, pseudo-sophisticated (wanna-be Greek,) and eager to impress his knowledge as a cadge to his insecurity who told me how to buy books and more importantly, how to take notes. This latter, I understand, is now a lost art, one with the classical Egyptians’ gold alloys. So I knew to trot off to the “Alabama” book store (not affiliated with the university – its book store was the “Supe” store) to purchase books and at least one notebook per course (extra for lab courses,) and plenty of pens and pencil leads and erasers (Pink Pearls.) Highlighters were just coming in then and I never cultivated the obsessive underlining that is too many people’s substitute for learning. In those days we got actual lectures and learning those was the key to grades. Not the textbook. Except for problems. And I found out about Schaum’s Outlines. 

And I di lots of things wrong. One was to not discipline myself with outside activities. Like guest lecturers and such. No problem with social activities. Didn’t have many of those. Saturday morning walk (no car permits for freshmen) to downtown Tuscaloosa to purchase necessities (and a non-cafeteria meal.) And mandatory (?) attendance at home football games. 

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, sent me this link. [Link] to an excellent essay/monologue on being a freshman. I rather wish I had something akin in my day. But I also acknowledge that I probably wouldn’t have hearkened to it. Mental overload. Until at least Thanksgiving. Maybe Solstice.

Wish I could go back and do it again.