Melted Ice Cream

Dihydrogen oxide falleth. Constitutional is cancelled. Or deferred. Depends on how the day propagates. So absent the inspiration of nature, I am stuck with what seeps out of my own head.

Thinking back to a previous blot of the week – Ice Cream day is the end of the week, right? – on how the internet makes us think we are smarter than we are, this is NOT news. We all learned that back in college. Course you don’t care for. Sluff off. Final nears. Cram it all in. Know lots of stuff. Take exam. Unrepresentative grade. Six weeks later you have forgotten most of what you crammed. It’s all about the transfer from short to long term memory, I suppose.

And as to the Donald, and the Hilary. Passing thoughts. The demagogue – the XY one – is popular because he reflects the dissatisfaction of the human-in-the-street with partisan autarky. I suspect most of what this means is nothing more than the statistic that the two parties together make up less than half of the electorate.It doesn’t matter whether the folks like him, only that his message is more resonant with them.

By the same token, the other demagogue – the YY one – has a message that doesn’t resonate. And her behavior alienates. She has lost congruence with the electorate. She’s too much partisan. 

So we can hope that this may be the time when the parties are spayed. Or neutered? Not sure which. Sometimes these gender associations don’t work.

In another vertical copulation – again a gender mis-message – I note [Link] that Canonical has done its worst again, this time with the software store. Can’t say I am surprised. It wasn’t bad when they introduced it but it was never enough to make one stay with Ubuntu. And the derivatives gave up on it a LONG time ago. That’s one of the reasons I moved to KDE. Muon is much better. 

And I never bought anything there. What does the “F” stand for? So selling software. Mixed metaphor of dubious ethical standing. And the stuff they offered for sale? Never figured out who would even want it. But it does raise the question of how has Canonical managed to become the MegaHard of the Linux cosmos? But, on the good side, a focus of hatred is useful.

And lastly, I note [Link] that a bevy of pro-birther anti-democracy Nazis picketing a clinic in Huntsville committed a classic Red Neck stupid. They couldn’t have done better is they used a skunk as a wash cloth. 

I especially liked this ad-hoc signage:

The fact that Alibam is against scientific progress (as well as personal rights) is due to the arrogance and stupidity of the members of the Council of Thieves aka the legislature. Which in turn is the result of the general propensity of stupidity and gullibility among the populace. An ample demonstration that bogs are the greatest threat to humanity.