Book Burning

Fifth day. Mediocre constitutional. Little air movement. But I did marvel at the city’s practice of energy conservation. The path was half-lit but the picnic pavilion was fully lit. And unoccupied. Is this a sign of poor management or just incompetence in government? Or both. In Greater Metropolitan Arab I suspect the latter.

After reading about how using the internet makes us think we are smarter than we are – the difference between long and short term memory _ ran across two articles this week on the demise of libraries.[Link][Link] These were typically composed contemporary journalistic rubbish: threats of dire doom followed by deflation and empty promises of good. 

As a result of these I found that college libraries are no longer intended for the support of faculty and student but for the gratification of the accounting officer, bursar or whatever. Having books is no longer important; not having books is because it does not waste money on shelf space.

No consideration of what significant thing might have been accomplished with that one bit of unknown information in that discarded book.

What do we call a society that cannot preserve its information? Suicidal!

Much ado was made about reaching out to underserved minorities such as the homeless and disinterested adolescents. At, of course, the price of reducing the services to those previously served. 

That’s the definition of disenfranchisement, isn’t it?

In my experience, Strugeon’s rule applies. 0.9 of all people don’t want to use the library. They don’t read. Or they can’t be bothered. Or they refuse to think. (Lots of these!!!!) 

And electronic books. Wonderful. Except that you can’t learn as well from a screen as a printed page. And you can;t get old books. Back when my library, the one I oversaw, got electronic books the head librarian was always pestering me to read the electronic books. Finally I got so tired of being nice that I told her the electronic book collection was trash. Geek books. Dummy books. No nerd books. But, to be fair, she went off and looked at the collection and came back and agreed with me. 

Electronic book publishing is a JOKE! A rather bad instance of galgenhumor. 

So don;t tell me how ell libraries are doing. They;re going down the tubes along with humanity and its civilization.