Rubber Hammer

Thor’s day. Survived another pilgrimage to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Not unsatisfying. Maybe. Even the sampling of motorcar maniacs was low. But nagging rain. Probably should call it Katrina. 

The podcast this morning was a new one, a BBC history periodical podcast. As with most British podcasts it was of good quality dspite the primary interviewee having rather much of a stutter. So much for English Institutional Medical treatment. The topics were the logistics of the Crusades and the social dynamics of English emancipation of slaves. Both passable and well above the quality and engagement that is the mode in Amerikan podcasts. And no prideful grammar goring!

I found the two topics rather congruent especially given the attitude of the middle ages that everyone is a slave. Talk of emancipation would get you discorporated then. Or worse. Look at what the church of Rome did to Bruno and that was during the Renaissance.

Of course I missed any Linux chatter but a bit of difference can be enriching. No pleasure without unhappiness for contrast?

Selah. Enough blather. Dragons to be rescued, damsels to be dispatched. Or some such.