Ear Stercus

It raineth! No complaint, just appreciation. And due to continue through much of the week. Probably a nuisance – at least – for others but I enjoy the stuff, at least intellectually. Mentally. My sinuses do not. 

The Guardian is still on holiday, so I had to find other listening for Two day and after last week’s disappointment with the decrepitude that the SCIENCE podcast has rotted into, I tried the Big Think [Link] podcast again. It was marginally better than my experience with the Science Guy episode that gave boredom new meaning. 

Evidently these people make a special effort to have really unengaging, off-putting even, people on their podcasts. I can’t recall who the fellow was this morning, he was announced as famous which meant I had never heard of him and his babblings did little to endear him to me. Not a STEM nor nerd, nor even geek, I fear.

His topic was genius and it was mediocrely done. By that I mean that half of it was utter stinking stercus and half was moderately accurate. That’s better than Sturgeon’s rule but then this is supposed to be. But it didn’t rise above average boggery. 

Of course, it is hard to do genius, especially when the speaker obviously isn’t. Some parts of the descriptions were accurate but much of the added commentary was smelly and unpleasantly yuck. It amazes me how well funded organizations can’t do decent podcasts but two good old geeks in a garage can. Is it something about success that spoils the art? 

The sole virtue of this was it diverted me for a few minutes. But I can only hope the Guardian mob returns soon. Or I find another fill-in that isn’t better unheard.