The old saying is that travel is broadening. [Link]

I think they were thinking of Chaucer and Marco Polo when they made up that saying.

I had to travel a lot as part of my employment. Aside from military installations, about all I learned was that all hotels are noisy and uncomfortable, motels the square of that; and travel food is bad and expensive. The best place to eat on travel is a sports bar. No ethanol beyond a single brew but the food is freshly cooked and no more health destroying than fast food places, which are better than sit down restaurants because of the order-of-magnitude difference in price for the same food. 

Military installations are uncomfortable, civilians are discriminated against ala 1950’s racism, and food is either terrible or non-existent. 

It never pays to be nice to anyone while traveling except people working at airports. If you never go back you don’t have to tip. Always carry all of your valuable with you. Sleep with them. That includes drugs. I have had tylenol stolen. 

Never get a rental car in a big city. Always carry a camera – people who live in big cities avoid tourists with cameras. Unless they talk a lot and then they get mugged. 

Unless you can see grass out of your window do not get out of the hotel after dark. Always carry a air can boat horn in you bag. The homeland gestapo will seize your pepper spray but not your horn.  

Arrive and leave early. Most bogs are night people. That’s where zombie stories come from.

If you want to be absolutely safe, travel with small children. 

Accept no dinner invitations.