Free? Survival!

Yesterday I noted an article [Link] about how MegaHard can give away upgrades to WindersX absent payment to individuals. When asked MegaHard poo-pooed that revenue from individuals was negligible.

I beg to differ.

MegaHard is running scared. The last few releases of Winders have alienated a lot of users. Those who can afford to have moved to Apple. Others have moved to Linux either in its actual incarnation or its heretical incarnation of Android or Chrome. They have in effect lost the server marketplace, or so I am told.

But they have to have those individual users. Otherwise the cost of organizations using Winders goes up because their users are not getting skills at home. Also, if their customers switch to something else, the organization now has a business mismatch. They need to be compatible with customers or they will not be dealt with.

Yes, the corporate/government base is large but the individual base is larger. And therein lies control of infospace.