Summer Torture

Yesterday I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

which brought back all sorts of unpleasant memories. These memories can be aggregated under one name: Organizational Picnic. A useful, effective synonym is Day-From-Tartarus. Also Punishment-Of-The-Membership.

One of the useful tricks I found was to schedule a dummy physician’s appointment on the last working day prior to the picnic. Then one could claim illness or tests or whatever.

The primary problem was too many EXTRO Bogs. Picnics are fine for INTROs if they are off by themselves. Organizational picnics are too many people in too small an area. Sort of like a slaughter pit.

I was tasked once to be on the organizing committee. My first action was to make a motion to cancel the picnic. Thereafter I could claim conflict and avoid the committee meetings. 

Bad as these are, however, they are nowhere near as horrible as management offsites.