Neither do they….

Tuesday I was listening to a podcast where an educationalist was being interviewed. This eductionalist announced during the interview that “computers generate information.”

I have to admit to almost falling off my exercise machine and saying several words, happily not in what passes for English in Alibam, that are best unused in public places. Let us make do with one of the educationalist’s parents being a woman of pleasure suffering from the tertiary stage of a venereal disease and the other parent unknown. One of the hallmarks of this disease is that any fetus carried to term under these conditions is mentally compromised.

Simply put, computers do not generate (or make, for those who are short on definitions) information. Computers process information. Sadly this delusion is common among those who think themselves knowledgeable but are not. All this episode did was confirm too many educationalists are members of that set.

A common argument offered by these people is that of a computer comparing two data sets and identifying correlations (or other linkages,) as “generation”. Sorry, ferds, that associative information already existed; all the computer did was find it for you. That makes it a labor saving device, not an intelligent one. Nor creative. 

Next they’ll be having ritual sacrifices of virgins in the schules to the great god digital?