Do Bogs have Value?

Two day. No Guardian Science podcast episode. Had to listen to SCIENCE podcast instead. Oh, how the formerly excellent has sagged, all the way down to abysmal. No substance and scant facade. But the bits from NPR were passable if unmemorable.

For some reason I ended up thinking on the nature of bogs. In particular why they have such strange attitudes towards knowledge and life. Why do they settle for being almost totally ignorant of almost everything? And why is it that what they do know something of, that something is incomplete and gaping? One almost has to question whether they have sentience, much less intelligence.

I find this often in dealing with my bog relatives and acquaintances. My bog friends actually have at least a tinge of geek to them which may be why they are bearable. Some of the time.

But I am constantly amazed not only at how little bogs know and how uncaring they are of their ignorance, but they are actually violently upset when that ignorance is exposed. Do they exist in a perpetual state of insecurity over knowledge? Or are they just slime mold when it comes to knowing, except when their feeding and rutting is interrupted?

In fact, the only good thing I could come up with about bogs is their willingness to do things that are necessary but so uninteresting as to be nauseatingly distasteful. Like running businesses.

Anyway. the search for bog value continues.