No Ice Cream

No frawg this morning. And the weather beaver said there would be, but there was frawg yesterday and no mention by the weather beaver. Indicative of?

Not a fun walk. Muggish. Unbreezy. Bunion articulating its discomfort. So no peace of mind and little cognitive activity.

But after constitutional I drove to post office, past the (so called) First Baptist church and thought about the charming, artistic houses they destroyed to expand their car park. It struck me that this is the story of religion, the destruction of art and culture and society. Christianity is the poster child. All that was good about Rome was destroyed; all that was bad, like slavery, was kept. 

I feel sorry for Joshua ben Joseph, assuming he actually existed. Having his philosophy corrupted and associated with such an evil organization. 

One is irresistibly drawn to consider that the promise of the christianist church organization is opposite to what it purveys.