Racism Redux

Frawg this morning. Definitely. Visibility whole lot less than one kilometer and the glow spheres about the street lamps were most impressive. And that made it a touch less muggish during the constitutional.

I am still trying to figure out why half the walking path lamps are extinguished. And the extinctions are not alternated but clumped. Shoddy wiring? Anyway makes things a bit challenging to avoid ending up prone and bleeding. Criminal negligence? Probably. But then the town conscript parents don’t care since only people who don’t live here yet matter. 

Speaking of caring, I see that the campus of the Boneyard has been named the number one (?) party schule in the Yankee republic. This is a bit surprising. Must have rather changed since I went. And it tops the campus of the Black Warrior. Seems like all they do in Tuscaloosa is party. No sign of academics. Just debauchery with a flavoring of racism. But then the Greeks have always been that way. At least there. Can’t speak for elsewhere.

This leads me to consider: are bogs a race? The things that distinguish them from real people – nerds and geeks – are more pronounced than things like skin tint and eyelid shape. Those are survival adaptations. Stupidity isn’t. So if we have a natural dislike verging on fleeing from their presence is that a form of racism? If so, I may have to change my attitude toward it.