Underwater Basketweaving

The air heat is returning. Muggy in park. Less rain than the previous night but still wetted. And I had to shuck down for my constitutional.

I am experimenting with leaving the MP3 player at home. Listening to the noise inside my head rather than the noise in my ears. So far a reasonable success.

One of the things I contemplated was an article [Link] I ran across entitled “9 College Courses That Will Have You Geeking Out And Rethinking Your Major.” It’s patently written by a bog with geek envy who doesn’t know the difference between geek and nerd. Not unusual. Most bogs don’t know and could care less. All they care about is that they aren’t. Sort of like not being pariah, I guess?

But some do suffer from geek envy. These are the ones who tend to become low end all-talk-no-do geeks who frequent comicon type events, usually out in the boonies because they can’t get in the big ones, but are too clueless to do cosplay. 

The courses listed reflect this. Most of them are either service courses along the lines of the old “physics for poets” or they are things that real nerds study on their own because they don’t have money enough to waste on actual courses on the stuff that won;t be on the qualifying exams. This author has no idea what quals are.

Anyway the list is:

1. Street-Fighting Mathematics – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – This is quintessentially a “go to the library and pull the reading file” sort of thing. Not something a real nerd needs to sit in class for. Even if the professor is desperately seeking return-to-youth.


2. Science from Superheroes to Global Warming – University of California, Irvine – This one makes the most sense in an outreach sense. My only concern is what is the ordering?


3. The Joy of Garbage – Santa Clara University – this one strikes me as a revenge of the nerds sort of thing. The course for the sustainment crazy bogs who refuse to learn any real science.


4. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing – Alfred University – Again, go read an article or two in the library.


5. Knot Theory – Williams College – This is NOT the real stuff. It’s a Boy Scout course. And that’s what you do: buy a book and practice. With real rope and twine.

6. Advanced Kitchen Chemistry – Massachusetts Institute of Technology  – More go to library and read. 


7. Farside Entomology – Oregon State University – This one is doubly whacked. Cartoon animals? What vale does it have except for the guy who developed it. Sounds like a course Donald Trump would teach.

8. Rockets and Instrumentation – University of Washington – Problem I have here is what do these guys know about the subject? If it were offered by a college where they do rocket science nearby, yes, but U Washington?

9. Cyborg Anthropology – Lewis & Clark University – I stumble on the question “Are cyborgs/androids human?” This is a question that dates back at least to Rossum and it hasn’t been answered. 

This looks suspiciously like not enough students are taking the available service courses, like Physics for Bogs, and the department has been told get more service students or be closed. If that’s the state of the college, it needs to be closed and good riddance.