Mental Deprivations

Mundane day again. Back to gym. Sparse. Not sure when schule resessions. Podcast an episode of CBC’s Best of Ideas on death. Horrible. Bunch of EMO Bogs spewing emotion and irrationality. In the range of irritating to nauseating. And they never got into whether they were talking about body death or self death. Or any of the other distinctions. Typical boggery, I fear.

Thought about that tooth quack who beheaded the lion. I suspect that’s what was upsetting, not the shooting? Too religionist. The ISIS dentist. Kills good people. Evil.

Actually just mentally sick I suspect. Which led me to consider contemporary society and mental sickness. Came to the hypothesis that when it comes to between-the-ears modern society is definitely medieval. No soap. No hygiene. Just perfume and shamen. Not that the medicalists don’t try but there are too few “real” ones in this area and too many opportunists. And a lot of these latter are religionists. More beheadings. How is it different to sever the head from the body and ignore the diseased mind? Not much I fear.

Not that I expect the politicians to do anything about services. Too much in the way. Like adequate pork for their corporate masters. Who want whacked people to accept slave jobs and buy self damaging products. 

But the good news is that the prevalence of mental sickness in Amerika assures the perpetuation of the current corrupt anti-democracy system.

For them at least.

Happy One Day.