Melted Cream

Ice Cream day. Fair breeze in park but I actually had to shuck my hoodie halfway through the constitutional. And since I have been experimenting with leaving the MP3 player at home I find I am in a better mood and cognitive capacity. Quite a few thoughts.

It being ice cream day I naturally turned to the matter of organized religion. Organizations are inherently entitlist. Probably grew out of the idea that the old wise members of the band got some special consideration for keeping the band going. Of course those same old wise members knew when to go sit and wait to be eaten by the fauna. Carried over from there to larger organizations. Most often displays as rather nasty things. Humans sacrificed as grave good for a chief. 

Gets worse when you get to religion. Totally parasitic, at least in material terms. Kills its own members for disobedience. Kills outsiders because they are outsiders. Makes racism seem tame and tolerant. Mustn’t forget that. The real evil is organized religion, not red necks.

Or is it. Got to thinking about “pro-life” people who are really anti-everything-after-birth. Yes, have babies but don’t care for them, or educate them or love them in a constructive way. Makes sure there are plenty of serfs for the politicians and their corporate masters.

Why is it that when you see a demonstration at a birth control clinic the protesters are people whose manner and appearance advertise that they can’t keep themselves clean and healthy and their children are at least as bad off if not worse. And these are the people who want more misery and suffering. My mother was right – misery does love company.

And why do we let people who have no knowledge of the science and technology and social mechanics of any matter (except reelection?) write laws and vote on things? Why are the only candidates we have people like Shrub and Canal who brag about their ignorance and stupidity? Why do we let people with property vote but not those with intelligence?

I could go on but why? It just makes me miserable and I do want to keep my distance from those people who seem bent on destroying humanity and civilization.