Justified Complaint

I just received an email from Land’s End. It tells me they have three types of pants that I need for fall. But the only one of them that have been treated with chemicals to be “wrinkle resistant” are jeans. So what do people do who are allergic to those wrinkle preventing chemicals do?

Like me. Horrible skin eruptions. Inflamed. Irritating. Painful even.

And Land’s End isn’t alone. Eddie Bauer.  L. L. Bean. More.

Do they just not care about losing business? I have bought from Land’s End since they first burst on the marketplace. Similarly for the others. Used to have good stuff. Didn’t make me sick.

Now it does. So I just make do with wearing old stuff. Or buying from reputable stores who stand behind their good eye-to-eye.

I wonder if the Repuslians are aware of this? Next year is an election year and seniors are a principal demographic for them. If we go to the polls scratching how likely are we to vote for them?

The World Wonders.