Ten Flop?

Saturn’s day. Wind down from yesterday so the constitutional was a bit less pleasant. But netter than months save yesterday. 

Megahard has rolled out ultimate winders, aka WX. Seems it too is fairly badly broken. [Link] Seems amazing to me that Megahard can have all those people working on just one product and they still consistently come up with stercus? Of course even the good ones, for those of us old folk who can remember 2K and XP and NT, started out that way. So perhaps Megahard can pull theirr gonads out of the motorcar crusher?
And then there is the Linux community. They produce lots of products and most of they are not stercus. But the ones that are often come from the biggest producers. Like Canonical who gave us Unity in place of Gnome 2. This is an improvement already? Only in Shuttleworth’s ego, I suspect. 
Although I have to admit to using Unity. Several times. The longest was four days. And I was having nightmares during my disturbed slumber. And it never worked right. I don’t mean worked comfortably. It didn’t do that by design. Not right for my head. But even the tweaks didn’t work. And who wants buttons fixed on a particular side of the window? Only Canonical and Megahard, evidently. 
I shall evade the obvious derogatory illusion. 
I don’t know anyone who actually uses WX yet. And yes, I have colleagues (and the occasional friend,) who use Winders. But they have other socially redeeming qualities. And we all have our mental failures. Even ones this big.
So I can’t say much about WX. Other than the somewhat less than speculative assertion that I am glad not to have to use it.