Human Irrelevancy

Two day and off to a bad start. Overslept. Too much stress, I suppose. And I don’t just mean heat.

Noted this morning in eMail that both the EU and the UN have upheld the nuke deal with Iran. Neat. One stroke and the Yankee Congress has become irrelevant. At least for this matter. Look for all sorts of childish nastiness from the Congress Critters at being reduced to the slime mold parasites that they have become. All, I fear, due to Partisan Overweening.

I also note a study out of U Michigan that indicates most folks don’t want driverless motorcars. At least for them. This is not surprising. It’s about the only expression of control most of them have. Amazes me we don;t have more kamikaze drivers. 

I am not sure this really matters. First of all, so far as I can tell there are only two stable solutions for intermixing of driven and driverless motorcars: the end points. All one or the other. And given that most transit companies will go to driverless lorries as a cost saving necessity, the rest will follow. After all, this is now a nation where corporations come first, second, and always. 

The coming robot masters will be motorcars.