Paper and Flags

Ice Cream day. And the park was darker and stiller than yesterday. Not a fun walk. And the park cats were occupying the car park. Maybe because the macadam is lower temperature than the grass? Not aggressive but definitely defiant. 

Finished the podcast episode of the Pen Addict [Link] on constitutional and have to rate it a D- to F+. Diversion value only, I fear. Too much blather about things I find uninteresting to distressing, especially those little Field Notes “notebooks”. For the blissfully ignorant these are pocket (maybe) sized stapled notebooks with cardboard covers and mediocre paper. Of course almost all paper is mediocre at best these days, and mostly reprocessed toilet paper. And the notebook geeks puddle their underwear over these notebooks. Sexual experience. 

I don’t get it. It’s a rather inconvenient notebook in a not very useful format with not quite good enough paper. I suppose it’s passable if one uses a mediocre pen to go with because any decent fountain pen is orthogonal to these notebooks. I admit that I do use them but only to keep a log of my purchases. They are definitely not for any form of serious writing/ Too small. One can’t do much more than scrawl in them and equations are a non-starter.

Which is not to say that small notebooks don’t serve a purpose but not in a side binding format. Top bound and preferably spiral. And then only for to-do note sort of thing. 

Not that I begrudge other people doing their thing, but their evangelism hurts. It violate the “so long as they don’t harm me” rule. 

Which brings us to the noisome matter of the Confederate States of America battle flag. Is it harmful? Back in the early part of the last century when Afro-Americans were getting lynched by sheet wearers on a regular basis (and not documented, much less prosecuted by the legal authorities,) the answer would be a resounding “YES”. But now? I am not sure. 

I commented earlier on the matter of “the more diversity, the less tolerance”. Is this simply a case of inadequate tolerance? And of what? One of the covenants of civilization is that we don’t harass the sleeping dogs. If we do, we not only get bitten but find out the dog has hydrophobia. So is the sight of an occasional flag worth getting bitten? 

You can’t make something go away until everyone ignores it.