Food Poo

Again not pleasant. And darker, for some reason. But I walked and I suppose that is goodness in and of itself. After all, we humans have to struggle so to walk.

But I do dislike summer (and winter.) I was reminded of this anew this morning as I went to download podcast episodes for the week and half were unavailable because the production folks had gone on holiday. Mostly European but a few Canadian. And what there is, is often repeats that I have heard before and have learned not to be entrapped into listening to a second time as it is a waste.

I also ran across an article [Link] about food trucks on Redstone Arsenal. Typical contemporary newspaper article. More advertisement than reporting. Bubbly and vacuous. Overpriced grease.

But I was reminded that when I went to work on Redstone in 1972 there were food trucks. They were called Roach Coaches and they came about twice a day, offering first breakfast and then lunch foodstuffs. Also greasy and seemingly past edibility.

I tried once or twice and ceased. Got into a mode where I ate breakfast in cafeteria. Why food truck when building has cafeteria? Logic escapes. Cooked to order versus hours (days?) old? Skipped lunch. Too busy. Ate supper before or after class depending on day-of-week and term schedule. Maybe a snack after I left computer center somewhere around midnight.

So I can’t claim to be enthusiastic about Roach Coaches. But I do have an inkling. I found out years ago that the folks who most often patronized the Roach Coaches were the ones most dissatisfied with their work. So organizations with shitty work and incompetent managers mobbed the trucks.

Must still be that way. Despite its claims the Army has never been able to manage well.